Graphic Designer & Illustrator

illustrations / prints /

I am a French illustrator based in Paris.

I like to work with graphical-abstract

& colorful elements, which have

a refreshing escapist quality. 

In this I imagine a world full of life

inspired from the world that surrounds me. 

This gives me freedom to work without boundaries. Besides editorial work I love to make prints and illustrative books. 

Clients & work exp.


Opéra National de Paris

Haute École des Arts du Rhin


Joëlle Jolivet




Starzine, Observatory of Strasbourg

I graduated from a Master license

in Communication from HEAR

of Strasbourg, with a previous Illustration degree license from Estienne Art School in Paris.

Casimir de Colmar, Unterlinden Museum


Cluedo - Troc'Afé, Central vapeur (Strasbourg, FR)

Rétrospective - Opéra National de Paris (Paris, FR)

Épargne Solidaire — Maison de l'Épargne (Paris, FR)

Jungles  — 6b (Saint-Denis, FR)


Winner for the Swiss Embassy Advertisement

— Strasbourg, FR / 2017

Winner Regional Price 

— Int. Comics Fest., Angoulême, FR / 2012

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